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OILMAPLAND - Land Spill Model and Analysis System

OILMAPLAND - Land Spill Model and Analysis System

OILMAPLAND is a land and surface water spill model system for simulating oil and chemical releases from pipelines and storage facilities. OILMAPLAND fills the need for a numerical modeling tool for oil and chemical spills that occur on land and then migrate to streams and lakes.

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Grandeur Executive - Dunlopillo

For nearly 30 years, ETABS has been recognized as the industry standard for Building Analysis and Design Software. Today, continuing in the same tradition, ETABS has evolved into a completely Integrated Building Analysis and Design Environment. The System built around a physical object based graphical user interface, powered by targeted new special purpose algorithms for analysis and design, with interfaces for drafting and manufacturing, is redefining standards of integration, productivity and technical innovation.

The integrated model can include Moment Resisting Frames, Braced Frames, Staggered Truss Systems, Frames with Reduced Beam Sections or Side Plates, Rigid and Flexible Floors, Sloped Roofs, Ramps and Parking Structures, Mezzanine Floors, Multiple Tower Buildings and Stepped Diaphragm Systems with Complex Concrete, Composite or Steel Joist Floor Framing Systems. Solutions to complex problems such as Panel Zone Deformations, Diaphragm Shear Stresses, and Construction Sequence Loading are now at your fingertips.

ETABS is the solution, whether you are designing a simple 2D frame or performing a dynamic analysis of a complex high-rise that utilizes non-linear dampers for inter-story drift control.

Changes in new version

SAP2000 V10 Enhancement List

Computers & Engineering is pleased to announce the release of Computer and Structures, Inc 's ETABS Version 9. The new features that are being released in this version are listed below.

Please contact baser@comp-engineering.com for more information.
You can also use the Information Request Form on our internet site.
Click here to see the ETABS brochures.




  • Added Story vertical load, shear and overturning plots
  • Added IBC 2003 seismic and wind loads
  • Added auto-permutation of Wind directions and eccentricities
  • Added Open-structure wind loads


  • Added Export to SAFE V8 with poly areas
  • Added Import/Export from IFC
  • Added Import/Export from Autodesk Revit Structural
  • Added Import/Export from ProSteel
  • Updated CIS/2 Import/Export
  • Added Import from STRUDL
  • Added Import from STAAD


  • Added Semi-rigid diaphragm option
  • Added Design output to Database
  • Improved analysis model creation time


  • Improved plan display of most design quantities
  • Enhanced Model Building of Walls with openings


Concrete Frame Design

  • Updated Concrete Frame Design to ACI 2005
  • Updated Concrete Shearwall Design to ACI 2005

Steel Frame Design

  • Updated Steel design to AISC-ASD 2001 (Seismic Provisions 2002)
  • Updated Steel design to AISC-LRFD 2001 (Seismic Provisions 2002)
  • Updated Steel design to AISC 2005 (Not in initial release)


  • Updated help
  • Updated manuals



ETABS is available in two levels: Plus (P) and Nonlinear (N). A letter in parenthesis following a feature identifies the version(s) that are associated with it.

• Object Based Graphical Interface
• Model Templates for Most Steel & Concrete Building Systems
• Models Created Using Building Terminology
• Beam/Column/Brace Frame Objects
• Wall/Slab/Deck Shell Objects with Internal Meshing
• Story Definitions using the Concept of Similar Stories
• Common Labeling of Objects between Similar Stories
• Editing with Move, Merge, Mirror and Replicate
• Accurate Dimensioning with Guidelines and Snapping
• Rigid, Semi-Rigid and Flexible Floor Diaphragm Definitions
• Powerful Extrusion Command for Generating Ramps
• Auto Line Constraints for Mismatched Wall Meshes
• Quick Draw Options for Object Creation
• Draw Command for Easily Adding Openings to Floors
• Support for Multiple Coordinate Systems
• Powerful Grouping and Selection Options
• Automatic Generation of Code Lateral Wind and Seismic Loads
• Transfer of Loads from Decks/Slabs to Beams and Walls

• Static and Dynamic Analysis for Frame/Shear Wall Buildings (N, P)
• Response Spectrum Analysis with Eigen or Ritz Vectors (N, P)
• P-Delta Analysis (N, P)
• Automated Center of Rigidity Calculations (N, P)
• Gravity, Pressure and Thermal Loading (N, P)
• Frame Objects Drawn as Physical Members (N, P)
• Automatic Meshing of Decks/Slabs for Diaphragm Analysis (N, P)
• Wall/Slab/Deck Modeled as Shell, Plate or Membrane Type (N, P)
• Seismic Acceleration or Displacement Time History Analysis (N, P)
• Wind Load Forcing Functions (N, P)
• Explicit Panel-Zone Deformations (N, P)
• Construction Sequence Loading Analysis (N)
• Frame Hinges for Axial, Flexural, Shear & Torsional Behavior (N)
• Nonlinear Static Pushover Analysis (N)
• Viscous Dampers (N)
• Base Isolators (N)
• Gap Object for Structural Pounding (N)
• Nonlinear Time History Analysis with the Wilson FNA Method (N)
• Large Displacement Analysis (N)

• 3D Perspective Graphical Displays (N, P)
• Static Deformed and Mode Shapes (N, P)
• Loading Diagrams (N, P)
• Animation of Deformed Shapes (N, P)
• Force Diagrams and Stress Contours (N, P)
• Integrated Force Diagrams for Wall Piers and Spandrels (N, P)
• Selective Results Displayed On-Screen with Right-Button Click (N, P)
• Tabular Display of Model Input & Output (N, P)
• Graphical Section Cut Definitions for Forces and Stresses (N, P)
• OpenGL Viewer (N, P)
• Display of Displacement and Force Time History Records (N, P)
• Time History AVI Files (N, P)
• Response Spectrum Curves from Time History Analysis (N, P)
• Nonlinear Force-Deformation Plots (N)
• Graphical Display of Nonlinear Hinge Status (N)

• Steel Frame Design for Numerous Domestic & International Codes
• Concrete Frame Design for Many Domestic & International Codes
• Composite Beam Design for American, British & Canadian Codes
• Concrete Shear Wall Design for American, British & Canadian Codes
• Design for Static and Dynamic Loads
• Member Selection and Optimization
• Automatic Tributary-Area Live Load Reduction
• Graphical Section Designer for Complex and Built-Up Shapes

Instructions for use

Documents related

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