About us

CIC Technology and Consultancy JSC., as Ministry of Construction IT Center established on 27th November, 1990, perform the following functions: information technology application throughout the construction industry for the management.

In process of Vietnam’s international integration and the global information technology explosion, CIC not only maintains the position as beginning, but has expanded activities in providing products and services to other technical fields in Vietnam in general as well as construction informatics in particular. Until now, CIC has been one of the 10 members of VC Group (is a leading provider of construction consultancy services in Vietnam)

From less than 10 employees in 1990, for the time being, after 25 years of its establishment and development, our staff team comprises of more than 100 members who are all experts and have professional experience in IT as well as engineering of construction and some other technical fields. On the other hand, we continually develop to contribute into integration and development of Vietnam as well as bringing employees high stable income in harmony with shareholders’ benefits


Bring the highly applicable ICT software, products and equipment to support engineers, enterprises, research institutions in Vietnam and other ries in the region.

CIC has concentrated on research and development of software applied in management, economics and technics: KPW, Escon, RDW, stCAD, VinaSAS, Sumac, MapPro, ESPA, Conna. In addition to  the traditional software products line, CIC becomes the distributor for software products of Microsoft, Autodesk, CSI, Plaxis, PTC, DNV, ASA… or technology equipment:  CASIO, PILETEST, LRM, IDS, ROMDAS, OCÉ, SIMICON, IRD


Becoming one of the leading suppliers of IT products and services for construction-building industry and other technical fields in Vietnam and regions, we continue improving our quality and expand products, services to meet customer needs and expectations     

Our activities include:

-         Software development

-         Management software development

-         Distribution of Construction Imported software

-         Distribution of software and technology solution for Urban, Transport & Environment

-         Distribution of Technology Equipment

-         Smart solution

-         Construction Consultancy

-         IT project Consultancy

-        Other fields as required

Core Values

Thanks to values, our strong development has been based on history of establishment and construction.

Quality Commitment: This is important value to form the style of CIC. We typically make long-term commitments to our customers, partner, and friends.

Dedication to Customer: Our clients' interests always come first. We committed to bring various aspect benefits to our customers, dedicated to delivering our products and services for the customers’ development.

Continuous improvement: always updated, according to every technology trends to ensure good quality products and services to customers

Teamwork: Support staff to work together in teams, and by encouraging participation and a shared commitment to success for individual and collective fulfillment.

Encourage - Harmony:

CIC always ensures good policy and takes care for all of employees through support, and facilitate incentives and bonus mechanism to encourage employees to be more energy efficient. All employees consider their benefits in harmony with CIC’s and shareholders’ ones.  Besides, the characteristics of harmony constitute  working environmentlifestyle, helping and respecting each other, this is a deeply imbued culture and promotes traditional values of Vietnamese people

In a spirit of mutual respect, listening and serving, we're always ready to answer any questions, feedback customers.