ALLPLAN 2024 officially launched


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The latest version of Allplan - Allplan 2024 has officially launched and is ready to download today.

Allplan 2024 is designed to elevate every construction project. Users can get work done quickly with powerful design automation tools, cloud integration and advanced BIM workflows, thereby investing more time in design great architectural works, providing modern transportation infrastructure and creating a better built environment.


GIS integration helps improve workflow efficiency in the construction industry

The new version offers a seamless integration of the design with its context thanks to a cloud-based GIS connection engine, and an automated and efficient data extraction process.

Detect conflicts for better project efficiency

Allplan 2024 can now distinguish between the following conflict types: Hard Clash, Soft Clash, Workflow Clash, No Clash. They are displayed in different colors to ensure users quickly get an overview.

Innovative parametric modeling saves project completion time

With the parametric modeling solution for road intersections in Allplan 2024, users can now create type T and X intersections with ease.

The new BIM²form feature optimizes costs for the planning process

The new formwork design tool in Allplan 2024 allows automatic assignment of formwork wall components. With this version, users can use MEVA Mammut 350 formwork system manufacturer MEVA.

Measure model objects accurately and quickly

ALLPLAN offers Auto-Edge, Auto-Surface and Laser features that help designers and builders measure objects on-site while checking digital models quickly and accurately.

Download Allplan 2024 here

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