CSI released the CSiXCAD software


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Under the success and effectiveness of CSIxRevit's application for BIM interaction model between ETABS and Autodesk Revit software

Recently Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSI) has released CSiXCAD tool. This is an embedded software in AutoCAD or BricsCAD® for interactive drawing creation directly ETABS software. CSiXCAD provides a direct link between the structure model defined and maintained in ETABS and drawing documents in CAD software. Both steel structures and reinforced concrete are supported.

CSiXCAD maintains the full 3D BIM model in CAD software and can create the following items:

• Horizontal plane
• Vertical plane
• Statistics drawing of beams and pillars
• The vertical plane of reinforced concrete beams
• The horizontal plane of reinforced concrete wall
• The Vertical plane of reinforced concrete wall
• Horizontal plane of reinforced concrete floor

CSiXCAD eliminates manual data conversion performed by CAD engineers and automatically creates calibrated and fine-tuned drawings with CAD. When an engineer makes a change in the ETABS model, CSiXCAD can compare the contents of the BIM model with the modified ETABS model content in which all re-imported adjustment or imported changes based on users’ selection. Drawings edition in CSiXCAD is maintained and there is a report created about the exact change of ETABS model applied for the BIM model.

CSiXCAD is a software and requires its own license. ETABS must be installed and licensed on the same computer as CSiXCAD during data transfer between CAD & ETABS