SmartTrigger feature on PET (Pile Echo Test)


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SmartTrigger is an independent labor-saving feature of Piletest's PET (Pile Echo Test) device when testing powders.

PET is used to test the integrity of deep pile foundations. This is the primary method used in the industry for a quick pile integrity test to control the quality of piles on a site. This simple and fast test method makes it practical to test 100% of the piles, even on sites with many piles.

PET Uses the pulse-echo method (PEM) for pile integrity testing (PIT). A pile test starts when the pile top is struck with a handheld hammer, and the PET digital accelerometer records the reflected waves on the computer screen. The resulting signal (reflectogram) readily provides information regarding the pile's length and integrity.


During the inspection, the PET device automatically records a series of information about the pile inspection and automatically processes them into a homogeneous set called the "Impact Collection". Averaging reduces noise and improves testability. Most importantly, the device retains only the most meaningful and important effects in the process.

During the hammering process, as you move around the pile head, there may be impacts on the pile head that cause the sensor to catch many unnecessary impacts. With SmartTrigger, when active, check the shape of the impact immediately and eliminate most of the disturbing effects, keeping only important and quality effects.

With SmartTrigger, you can set the sensing threshold low and sensitive, still eliminate noise, and capture lots of quality data without hammering hard or fast. This saves time and improves the accuracy of the inspection process.

SmartTrigger works together with AutoSort. When you turn on AutoSort, it examines the recorded impacts in real time and keeps the best set of impacts. As more impacts are collected, the impact set will become more consistent and clear.

To make field work more convenient, PET can set notifications to collect enough impact as soon as:

1. Sufficient amount of impact.

2. Adding more effects has only a small effect on the average result.

Using all of these features, you can quickly collect quality impact data and test a pile in under a minute.

The illustration below shows the sensitivity of the SmartTrigger when enough good effects are present and noise effects are eliminated.

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