The seminar “Geotechnical solution applied Bentley Plaxis software 2019”


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The seminar “Geotechnical solution applied Bentley Plaxis software 2019” was held on December 5th 2019 by CIC Technology and Consultancy JSC in coordination with Bentley Systems, Incorporated.

The seminar “Geotechnical solution applied Bentley Plaxis software 2019” was held at Ann Hotel at 38A Hang Chuoi, Hai Ba Trung District, Ha Noi on December 5th 2019 by CIC Technology and Consultancy JSC in coordination with Bentley Systems, Incorporated. 

At the seminar, there were many participants associations, institutions, universities and companies such as Vietnamese Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Thuyloi University, University of Transportation and Communications, Transport Engineering Design Incoporated (TEDI), Delta Group, Hoa Binh Construction Group…



At the opening of the seminar, PhD. Phung Duc Long, President of Vietnamese Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering shared about the role and function of Bentley Plaxis Software in geotechnical engineering. He also raised the risks of using pirated, non-copyrighted software and as well as urging the community to use copyrighted software to achieve work efficiently. 



Mr. Luong Thanh Hung, CIC Deputy General Director and Mr. Eddy Tan, Sales Area Director of BENTLEY and PLAXIS in Southeast Asia introduced the geotechnical software of BENTLEY and PLAXIS as follow:

•gINT: synthesize geological data, thickness of stratigraphy for construction 

•SoilVision: calculate slope stability, permeability, stress-deformation for irrigation works and traffic.

•Plaxis: This is finite element software that analyzes aggregate geotechnical problems





After that, PhD. Do Tuan Nghia Thuy Loi University presented how to model a deep excavation by using PLAXIS 3D software. Mr. Nghia used a specific example of the model of Dong Hoi deep pit (Euro Window building) with a depth of 17.5m and a scale of 100x90m. Accordingly, PLAXIS 3D is able to simulate stratigraphy with all boreholes, the entire system that holds pits (walls, anchors, spacers, CDM), and adjacent works. Therefore, it is feasible to evaluate the impact of excavation on wall displacement and subsidence of adjacent works.




PhD. Vu Anh Tuan of Military Technical Academy presented the study of pile foundation system using physical model (small scale) and numerical model using PLAXIS 3D. PLAXIS 3D can simulate vertical and oblique piles, thereby it is able to assess the interaction between the pile and the soil. Results in the research are the same in the experiment in term of the foundation system under load 


Professor William Cheang, PLAXIS Asia Technical Director, presented a series of new useful features of PLAXIS 2D and 3D as below:

  • PLAXIS 2D and 3D CE: allow the engineers to use with online acs, therefore it does not require the hard lock.
  • Export the results of all the stages of model in the same drawing as wall displacement and ground subsidence according to the excavation stage.
  • The function of importing soil response to earthquakes and impact on the structure above.
  • Users can declare initial stress according to each geological area (in accordance with the problem of mountain tunneling).
  • Add models of N2PC, UDCAM, Concrete for soil.
  • Add pressuremeter test model.
  • The function of Importing traffic load of train and metro.
  • PLAXIS MoDeTo: specialized software for single pile foundation design (offshore wind poles)

At the seminar, many questions were asked for Bentley Plaxis staffs relating to technical issues and products purchase such as: Input parameters of soil, stone, structure in model; PLAXIS's ability in simulating metro active load problems, excavation problems, pile foundation problems; cost of software and relevant support services; ...

Thanks to the seminar, Bentley Plaxis has proved its role and extremely useful features for geotechnical field. The participants and  many questions relating to and in-depth technical problems have showed the great demand and interest of Vietnamese engineers in products of BENTLEY PLAXIS. Therefore, BENTLEY has more motivation and expectation to expand the products into Vietnam market.