Interior trends are on the rise in 2024


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According to Architectural Digest, the interior trend of 2024 is the rise of new colors such as peach orange and turquoise. In it, romanticism and classic beauty also return.

For those of you who are planning to decorate your home, you cannot miss the article below about interior trends that are returning in 2024. Interior design style shows personality or speaks volumes. The story of the owner of the house. Therefore, choosing the style will show part of the home owner's personality.

Peach orange – the color of sweetness and warmth

The sweet Peach Fuzz color of ripe peaches and apricots has just been voted the color of the year by the Pantone Color Institute. This is a color scheme that shows radiance, warmth, elegance and represents the breath of modern life.

Ripe apricot color can be easily combined with neutral and natural colors, through interior products handmade textiles, glass, arranged & decorated in bathrooms and bedrooms.

The orange tone brings bright energy, suitable for the health care field, and can replace traditional colors.

When orange is combined with green, purple and blue, it also creates a vivid contrast for your family's living space.

Ripe apricot color is combined in furniture (Photo: India Times)

Turquoise becomes a prominent trend

Turquoise gemstones are also one of the prominent forecasts in this year's design color palette trends. This color brings a sense of mystery and smoothness, sophistication, elegance and nobility.

According to experts, turquoise has the ability to combine richly, whether as a highlight or as the main color for the interior space.

Turquoise interior in a house in America (Photo: AD)

Romantic style

After the boom in the early 19th century, romantic style interior spaces (Romanticism) are forecast to return with the main colors being pink, red, combined with floral motifs, lace and ribbons. .

Many American furniture brands realize that shoppers are moving towards products with bright colors, bed sheets, pillows, decorations... to add a warm, romantic feeling to the home.

Items using metal

Experts say that this year's home decoration trend leans towards items with metal surfaces such as steel or aluminum. Ideas the social network Pinterest show the popularity of spaces that possess surreal beauty, with surfaces that sparkle and shine like liquid mercury.

Interior experts believe that this is a natural consequence of the proliferation of light brown and gray colors in early 2020. Experts predict that bright aluminum and silver colors will become popular in the future. This year, replace yellow and black.

According to Architectural Digest