Promoting digitization in the Construction industry


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Top experts Allplan, Bluebeam, ArchiCAD... share and introduce comprehensive software solutions to optimize the design, construction, and project management processes.

Recently, the Nemetschek Group (Germany) collaborated with GSI Company and CIC Technology and Consulting Joint Stock Company, under the Ministry of Construction, to jointly organize the event "Building the World | Digital Transformation in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry" in Ho Chi Minh City.

The event "Digital Transformation in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry"

Mr. Lương Thành Hưng, Deputy General Director of CIC Technology and Consulting Joint Stock Company, participated in the event

With over 100 invitations extended to construction companies in Ho Chi Minh City and nearby provinces, this event is considered a highlight of 2023. It features the participation of global experts leading software technology companies such as ALLPLAN, Bluebeam, Graphisoft, and several others.

In the context of the rapidly advancing technology sector and its significant impact on the construction industry, this event provides an opportunity for businesses in the construction sector to come together, share experiences, and gain access to the latest solutions in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry. The event's content revolves around powerful tools designed to optimize performance for every construction project, offering the latest insights into comprehensive software solutions that streamline the design, construction, and project management processes.


The event attracted a wide range of businesses Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces.

The event is divided into 7 informative topics, organized into two parts. The first part focuses on the working processes for civil projects and highlights the roles of software such as Archicad, Allplan, Bluebeam, and Solibri the design phase to construction.

Meanwhile, the second part discusses the working processes for infrastructure projects, featuring Allplan Bridge, DC-Software, and Twinmotion.

The event included an image extracted the shared post of Sándor Bali, Customer Experience Manager at Graphisoft

Mr. Sascha Avermiddig, Senior Manager at GSI, mentioned that the event was organized with the purpose of providing attendees with the most efficient and optimized working processes, leveraging the development of breakthrough technological solutions to elevate projects and constructions in Vietnam and the international market.

In addition to in-depth discussions on construction software topics, the event also fostered a space for exchange among experts on future trends in the construction industry, such as "How does BIM and AI impact the construction industry?" The sharing session was led by Mr. Lương Thành Hưng, Deputy General Director of CIC Technology and Consulting Joint Stock Company, along with the participation of international speakers.


Mr. Detlef Schneider, Director of ALLPLAN, shared the vision of the Nemetschek Group at the event.

Also present at the event, Mr. Minh Nhựt, BIM Manager and Business Development Manager of The BIM Factory, expressed that the content shared at the event was extremely valuable and could be applied to enhance the company's real-world projects. The BIM Factory currently uses various software Nemetschek, such as Allplan and Bluebeam, and plans to explore Solibri for quality management and BIM model coordination. They hope that GSI will continue to organize high-quality events like this, providing customers with opportunities for learning and networking with peers in the field.

During the seminar, attendees also participated in a quiz game related to software knowledge, with the chance to win an iPad Mini 6 the organizers as a prize.

The event concluded with positive feedback the attendees. GSI, CIC Technology and Consulting Joint Stock Company, and the Nemetschek Group promise to bring more special programs for experts in the field of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. Their goal is to further promote the development and sustainability of this industry.

Here are some images the event: [You can insert the images here if you have them.

Graphisoft provides BIM software products for architects, serving the fields of architectural design, interior design, and urban planning.

Bluebeam software offers solutions for processing data and drawings in PDF format, along with collaborative features that support both the design and construction phases

Solibri, the BIM model quality management software, assists BIM engineers in easily delivering completed and higher-quality BIM products.

Allplan is an optimal BIM solution for structural engineers to design construction projects, modeling to steel reinforcement detailing.

Frilo software provides solutions for calculating and designing the structural elements of an entire construction project, foundations to roofs, including bridge foundations

Twinmotion is real-time 3D architectural visualization software that makes it easy to create high-quality 3D images and 360-degree VR videos. It is designed for architects, construction professionals, urban planners, and landscape architects